The animated comedy, Hotel Transylvania 3, is now in cinemas! This is the third installment of the popular and well-loved animated series. This time, we find Dracula (Adam Sandler) and his friends Mavis (Selena Gomez), Johnny (Andy Samberg), and Murray (Steve Buscemi) getting ready to celebrate Mavis’s 118th birthday.

When Mavis wants to bring her human friends back home for a vacation, Dracula says no until his daughter tells him that she can’t marry her human love interest without meeting her close family first.

Hotel Transylvania is a 2012 American 3D computer animated comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation in association with Columbia Pictures.

The movie tells the story of Count Dracula, the world’s most famous vampire, who tries to put a stop to the human Vlad’s attempts to bring back the world’s monsters.

The movie was released in theaters on September 28, 2012 in Mexico and on October 5, 2012 throughout the United States. The movie became Sony Pictures Animation’s highest grossing film at that time.

The first Hotel Transylvania movie was released in 2012. It became the highest-grossing film in the US that year.

The original animated film was about Count Dracula, who owns a hotel for monsters to live in peace free of humankind. When his grandson Dennis gets scared by a human and starts turning into one himself, Drac decides to open up the hotel to a human family as well.

Hotel Transylvania is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation. The story takes place in a resort situated on an island near the coast of the fictitious country of Lupu. On this island, every creature can peacefully co-exist thanks to a device that recreates sunsets 24 hours a day, until Mavis (voice of Selena Gomez) discovers that her father built the hotel over an ancient castle in which vampires live.

The US version of the Hotel Transylvania movie is now available in cinemas.

The American version of Hotel Transylvania is finally here! The English-language debut by Sony Pictures Animation features all the same spookiness and hilarity from the 2012 blockbuster, but with a new mix of voices from the likes of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi and

Jonah Hill. Still chock-full of Drac’s hilarious antics and Vlad’s demented deals for Mavis’s hand in marriage, it’s a must-see for anyone who loved the original.

The Hotel Transylvania movie is available in US cinemas. It is a Hollywood animation comedy film, with the script and direction of Genndy Tartakovsky, about Dracula who tries to create an out of bounds resort for monsters.

The movie was released in 2012 and made $473 million worldwide. It was an idea from Adam Sandler, who voices Dracula and Selena Gomez, who voices Mavis.

The Hotel Transylvania movie is available in US cinemas. This animated comedy film, which was released on September 25 and stars Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez, will be shown in more than 4 thousand theaters across the country.

The movie tells the story of Count Dracula who runs a hotel for monsters but fears that he has a human in his midst. The humans spread werewolfs, zombies and other supernatural creatures throughout the world. So he asks his new “dynamic” staff to pretend to be monsters with him. The film was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and written by Peter Baynham and Robert Smigel and produced by Michelle Murdocca.

The animated family movie “Hotel Transylvania” is available in US cinemas now.

A monster-filled, action-packed comedy adventure, Hotel Transylvania tells the story of Count Dracula’s five hundred year old castle being taken over by a human, Johnny.

The animated family film Hotel Transylvania is making its way to US theaters. It is a perfect family-friendly movie for the weekends.

The film is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and features Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, and Kevin James in lead roles. The movie follows Dracula who tries to overcome his fear of humans when he meets a little girl who moves into the castle with her father.